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Tim Baele
New Business Development
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BMG Strategic Marketing

BMG saved us 38% on our $100k media buy and delivered 44% more impressions, They Saved our show! Regular Media is dead, Ask BMG about their "GUARANTEED SUCCESS MEDIA PLAN” it saved our company

PS, Los Angeles

The BMG MEGA SHOW concept have increased our sales when everyone was making excuses that shows were dying, BMG & Jamie delivered!


Maryann at BMG showed us how to save $50,000 in our expenses that we had never considered

JW , Las Vegas, NV

If Tim or BMG doesn’t know the answer, they will track down the answer & call back ASAP!. AWESOME SERVICE! KH, Wisconsin “BMG saved us over $100,000 in our first year in our media buys and they increased our sales by 175%

TC from Austin, TX

BMG knows their stuff” , “Tim has over 30 years in Marketing and he knows his stuff, he shared with us his 50 ways to sell more product one sheet and it increase our sales by 250% in a year!

Rick, Ohio

Tim at BMG has the Blueprint for success all we had to do is follow the plan.

Vince , Houston, TX

Tim had me contact some of his clients and they all said “ BMG & Tim made stuff happen! he 10X and 15X’d our sales, it blew us away

Adam, Illinois

BMG is the best investment we’ve made in our company in over a decade

JT, Beverly Hills, CA

BMG & Tim returns calls fast we also get same day service and most calls are returned in minutes, not days

Teddy, Ohio

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